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Merchant Mall Edition

NOTE: You MUST have cookies enabled for the demo stores to work properly

We have setup a demo mall that allows you to see the full functionality of the software.

Merchant Mall The Demo Mall link is the front end of the mall and can be modified to look like anything. In particular to match an existing site design. The mall manager screen is where you can see the power of the iHTML Merchant Mall. This is the system where the mall owner manages theirs stores, including the store setup, billing, customer mgmt etc...

To login to the manager screen, please use the following username and password:
Username: administrator
Password: password

Demo Mall | Mall Manager

See examples of real malls Here. If you would like a personal tour or a demo setup for your own testing purposes please contact us at

<:smallfont> Merchant Mall NOTE: The admin screens to the above demo sites are open to the public as a result, the images, products, categories etc... can all be deleted from this interface. The information about the site etc... can also be changed. We endeavour to reset these demo sites once a day. Broken images and unusually information contained in the site may occur due to them being publicly accessible. If you have any problems with these demo's, please contact us at

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