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Inline Internet System's iHTML Merchant is one of the industry's best-kept secrets...

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The following is a list of all the additional features in iHTML Merchant 2.5 over the Enterprise 2.0 edition. As you can see, we have made extensive additions to the product that was already significantly ahead of the competition. iHTML Merchant 2.5 is on a level all it's own with even more to come!

General Features

  • option to select the screen to show after adding a product
  • specify a percentage size for thumbnails
  • size the preview window on images in admin based on the image size
  • shows an "Are you Sure" message on empty basket feature
  • ability to turn off store features on a subsystem basis
  • has an offline mode that displays a nice message that the site is unavailable
  • the general settings screen is split into two
  • handles multiple host names for a system for cookies etc...
  • added ALT text to all images in the store
  • option to sort order on specials and new pages
  • the admin screens multi user accessible with different options for each
  • phone number validation handles International users
  • allows logout from the store (ie: kill the customer cookie on the browser)
  • a separate email address for error messages
  • images in the admin are sorted alphabetically
  • has default colour settings for each template


  • changed the style editing and entry system completely for faster data entry
  • has a featured product option
  • allows adding a thumbnail image instead of a resize of the main image
  • allows faster product entry the same way categories work
  • price change utility
  • allows a Free product type instead of 0 price
  • allows store owner to determine action on out of stock item
  • allows setting of a maximum order for a single product item
  • has minimum order quantities for a product


  • shows the tax percentage on the invoice and basket

Content Management

  • option to send order details with the thank you message
  • all messages have pages to edit their content
  • able to edit the subject of all emails sent out
  • ability to add additional pages to the system
  • content editing allows addition of graphics and their placement
  • allows pointing of whatsnew, aboutus etc... pages to a specified URL

Discounts and Promotion

  • ability to enter a quantity discount table with percentage
  • discount percentage on a per customer basis
  • has range of order total and apply a flat or percentage discount
  • allows setting a product as non-discountable
  • can have products only available to members
  • presetup members who can login and get their cookie
  • has featured products on the home page of the store


  • export/import just inventory data


  • handling of backorders and multiple shipments
  • integrates more directly with UPS
  • UPS/FEDEX tracking ability
  • ability to enter a zone table for Canada Post or other zone systems
  • add a range of weights table to handle USPS shipping
  • ability to apply taxes to shipping costs
  • customer ability to select complete or partial shipment of order
  • Pickup shipping option
  • new BASE+FLAT shipping option


  • recalc button in manage orders when doing a backorder
  • print option to the manage orders section
  • has a separate manage backorders section
  • option to allow backorders or not
  • notify when a stock level goes below the reorder level
  • ability to delete several orders at once
  • handle refunding an order placed on a CC
  • ability to order by COD
  • improvements to the backorder handling


  • sales reports by category
  • total sales by day, week, month, year by product
  • date range selection on any report
  • tax collected report
  • all reports have appropriate links


  • option to allow customers to order on account right away
  • allows adding of custom questions for customers on check out
  • see account balance on the Your Account page if allowed to order on account

Payment Processors

  • supports refund and AVS options for payment processors that allow it
  • allows COD payment method
  • option to not charge the credit card until the order is ready to ship
  • has option to not ask for credit card information
  • if order is zero value doesn't get payment information
  • doesn't cache the basket3 page so it can be printed
  • PGP encryption of email order option
  • allows currency precision for international users

Shopping Cart

  • product configurator, specifically for computers
  • option to display specific questions to a client upon ordering
  • option to make the Add button go back a page instead of to the basket
  • shows shopping cart totals in a frame at bottom of screen
  • shows real thumbnails next to the products in the summary listing or icon to indicate a picture exists
  • only displays category description on that category main page
  • display weight or order so rearrange the display in any order
  • ability to pull up a previous order and fill basket with those items


  • allows boolean logic like on search engines
  • set extra fields searchable or not
  • displays search results in multilist summary with add buttons
  • duplicates are removed from the search results
  • search by category in the admin

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