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Inline Internet System's iHTML Merchant is one of the industry's best-kept secrets...

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The iHTML Merchant Enterprise edition builds on the feature set found in the iHTML Merchant Pro edition. It includes many advanced features to fully manage and promote an online store. The following list of features are in addition to those found in the iHTML Merchant Pro.

Orders & Customers

  • ship to and bill to addresses
  • ordering on account with login
  • customer can get history of their orders
  • customer can do a lookup of order status
  • handles subscription and recurring billing for magazines or monthly billing
  • emails customer when order status changes
  • allows customer to create a custom catalog of their favourite items
  • floating basket option instead of refreshing the screen, allows faster shopping


  • UPS and Fedex shipping calculation lookups
  • shipping range table for the number of products to calculate shipping amount
  • percentage rate of order for calculating shipping amount


  • ability to change the display order of the product styles
  • the product copy function can now copy style information as well
  • the style editor allows easier editing to fix mistakes
  • "write in" option to allow customization of a product such as monogrammed items


  • allows special promotions to be created and managed
  • discount levels can be created and managed
  • volume pricing calculations on orders

Products & Categories

  • a product can exist in multiple categories
  • inventory control features
  • thumbnail handling of product images
  • add custom fields to the products table to extend the functionality
  • allows customization of the search parameters
  • suppliers can now be managed

Marketing Features

  • search engine submission features
  • meta tag creation assistance
  • easy subscribe options to electronic web marketing/sales newsletters
  • affiliate program creation and management, great for increasing sales

General Settings

  • selection for weight type (lbs. kgs.)
  • really cool RGB chart for the link colours in the admin
  • option to not store CC numbers in the database
  • can override default SMTP server settings
  • function remove products from being set as New
  • function remove products from being set as Special
  • function to set all inactive products to active
  • minimum order size option to be able to place an order
  • common text areas can be modified from the admin
  • width and height of an image is used to draw screens quicker
  • the customer can select Secure or Insecure for payment
  • scripts to upgrade the store from Pro and/or run in an SQL server
  • checks on cookie path and site URL to ensure correctness
  • "Continue Shopping" button on the basket page
  • redesign of the admin to improve response time


  • additional template
  • template options to change colors of textured graphics


  • multiple currency support and exchange rate handling
  • selected the credit cards supported to display on the site
  • credit card verification before transaction processing
  • ability to turn off the commerce option and just use as a catalog


  • additional reports
  • account management (Check Status, View Old Orders)
  • affiliate program reports

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