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Inline Internet System's iHTML Merchant is one of the industry's best-kept secrets...

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iHTML Merchant 2.0 has a new template system to make look and feel customization even easier. A completely re-designed administration system, and many new features on the store front. The iHTML Merchant is completely web based for maximum flexibility and uses the iHTML web programming language for it's interactive features. iHTML runs on Windows or UNIX web servers making it a truly cross-platform development environment.


  • Choose from 7 standard templates
  • Download new templates from the iHTML Merchant web site
  • Easier customization and creation of new templates for experienced web designers
Banner Ads
  • Ads can be targetted by keyword from the search system
  • Ads can be set to run over a specified time period
  • Clickthroughs and impressions are tracked
  • Maximum clickthroughs and impressions can be set
  • Ads can be tied to categories and products
Shipping/Tax System
  • Handles North American and non-North American tax systems
  • Two new shipping methods based on order total and product price ranges
  • Additional tax level handling, now 3 levels
  • New boolean search system on the product catalog
  • Enhanced search results and options
  • Electronic Software Distribution support
  • Fast 2 page ordering process
  • Member/Non-Member Pricing
  • User Defined Styles for products (ie: Color, Size etc...)
Credit Card Processing
  • Cybercash MCK 3.2 support
  • IC Verify, Authorize.net and Redi-check support
  • Email, file and database non-cleared option
Reporting and Store Management
  • New sales reports based on date time ranges and type of order
  • Ad hoc database querying
  • Import and Export options
  • Email and customer management center
  • 50+ page detailed store operating manual
Site Management
  • Javascript based HTML editor built in
  • Browser based management of site, banner, product and category graphics
  • Options to set how the store operates
  • Better error handling features

We invite you to take a tour of the iHTML Merchant 2.0 online demo store. Check out the admin system where all the management of the store takes place and which is of greatest interest to the store owner.

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