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Inline Internet System's iHTML Merchant is one of the industry's best-kept secrets...

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iHTML Merchant 1.x

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With serious commerce a reality on today's Web, iHTML Merchant gives you all the tools you need to implement secure, web-based transactions and turn-key online stores. The iHTML Merchant 1.x, a full-fledged merchant server, offers the following features. It is designed for lower requirement sites and doesn't have all the enhancements found in the newer 2.0 versions of the merchant. Inline still supports this product and it is available for free as a part of iHTML Pro and iHTML Enterprise.

Turn-key Store Template

There's no need to start from scratch to set up you and your customer's Web stores. With this professionally designed store template, simply enter your product and company information, graphics, etc., and you're up and running in no time. Adding new stores is as easy as selecting an option from the installation screen. Unlike many expensive merchant solutions, there are no limits on the number of products, categories, subcategories or even the number of completely separate stores you can deploy with a single iHTML Merchant installation.

Browser-Based Management

Virtually everything about your Web store can be set, managed or modified from anywhere on the Net through the easy-to-use browser-based interface. There's no need to get into the HTML even to change the look and feel of your store (though you can, of course, if you'd like). If you host stores for small businesses, they'll love this easy interface that gives them control--and you'll love that they don't have to contact you to make changes.

Shopping Cart

iHTML Merchant features an advanced shopping cart that lets shoppers select items for purchase as they're browsing through a Web store and purchase them all at once--or even come back later and pick up their shopping where they left off.

Credit-Card Processing

Eleven different systems for real-time credit card processing are supported, including: CyberCash, PC Authorize, TL Pay, Internet Secure and Authorize.NET. With the CyberCash integration, shoppers can make credit card purchases and their credit cards can be authorized and charged in seconds, over the Internet (no modem or additional phone lines required). The CyberCash system is completely built into and integrated with the iHTML Merchant so no other software is required. With the Internet Secure service, merchants can accept secure credit card payments even without a secure server and can also get set up with a merchant account if they don't have one already. Other credit card authorization systems can be made to work with the merchant server as well upon request.

Find out more about Credit-Card Clearing.

Dynamic Sales Reports

With the click of a link on the administration page, store managers can see a variety of charts representing their up-to-the-minute sales. An infinite variety of customized charts can be added.

Ad Rotation

Banner ad rotation is a very easy with the iHTML Merchant. Ads for products within the store--or for outside sites--can be set to rotate randomly through all or part of the online store. The ads can also be weighted so some show up more than others.

Fully Customizable

Although the merchant components of iHTML Merchant are well thought-out and full-featured, perhaps the most exciting aspect of iHTML Merchant is its unlimited customizability. Unlike most other merchant server products, you can modify not only the look and feel of the store by modifying the HTML templates, you can change the entire functionality in any way you choose. You get the complete source code. And, since iHTML Merchant is written in easy-to-learn and use iHTML, all changes can be made without compiling and with a minimum amount of hassle. You can be assured that the iHTML Merchant can change and grow with you, because you're not locked into anything.

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