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You have a client, they want an e-commerce enabled web site. Most of the packages you have looked at are not flexible enough, or can't be customized. So maybe you have tried to develop a system on your own. Turns out to be a lot more work than expected to be fully functional and the client just can't afford a fully custom solution. This is where the iHTML Merchant comes in. All source code to the product is provided which makes it easy to customize the appropriate components for the customer. However, all the hard work has been done which allows you to concentrate on the look and feel and the few customizations the client needs. Now you can deliver a complete solution in less time and at less cost and you'll make more money at it while having a very satisfied client. We know, it's every web developers dream, but the iHTML Merchant can make it a reality.

Let's face it no two businesses are alike and no solution can meet everyone's requirements. The iHTML merchant is written in iHTML which is a web programming language in use at thousands and thousands of sites around the world. It is a server side language that is similar to HTML in form but with the power but not the complexity of C. You'll be amazed at what you can do with it. More information on iHTML can be obtained at http://www.ihtml.com. You can use it to do other database web integration and dynamic site creation as well. So now you have another big benefit. Inline, the makers of both iHTML and the iHTML Merchant are committed to the development of other complete applications that will make your life easier. So the investment in the product is low but the payoff is large.

The client can manage everything in their store so they won't be calling to make small little changes which don't tend to be profitable. Your time will be freed up to work on other new projects. All the client needs is a simple web browser to enter products and manage customers and orders. They can even upload product pictures and setup tax and shipping calculations. The iHTML Merchant is truly feature packed and a great value. It pays for itself in a couple of days of time saved on doing custom development.

On top of this, the iHTML Merchant runs on Linux/FreeBSD and Windows NT/2000/XP and supports all major database servers and web servers. This gives you maximum flexibility and portability. If you need to host an iHTML Merchant store, have a look at some hosting providers that already support the iHTML Merchant. If you want to know more about the steps involved in e-commerce, have a look at our white paper on the subject. It's much less complicated than you think.

Have a look at all the features of each edition, download a trial version or try out our online demo stores, you will be glad you did.

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