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Your business has grown with connections and hosting revenues but now your customers are reading all about e-commerce success stores and they want to put their own store online now. You have tried to put it off or you've looked at so many solutions you are tired of trying to find something that fits what you need, what you customer requires and what everyone can afford. Look no further. The iHTML Merchant delivers, for both you and your customers.

The last thing you need when offering a new service is more support phone calls. The iHTML Merchant has been designed to be manageable by a novice user and therefore have less support issues. Everything can be done through a browser, no software for the client to download and install and they have complete control over everything. This includes uploading their product pictures, entering their products and managing their orders to name just a few. For the more sophisticated user, all the source is provided for unlimited customization. If providing the source to the end user, they must purchase a separate single user license from us at a very reasonable price.

If you have looked at other solutions, they seem to require a per store charge plus some have monthly or yearly fees. We decided on a different approach. The iHTML Merchant is sold on a per server basis, that means buy a single affordable license and you can put up as many stores as the hardware can handle. No extra fees. In addition, you can purchase affordable end user support from us if you like and we'll deal with the customer for you.

So which edition of the iHTML Merchant should you purchase? That really depends on the features your clients are looking for. If you are not sure, start with the Pro 2.0 edition to get your feet wet. You can always upgrade to the feature packed Enterprise and Mall editions simply for the difference in price. If you have demanding customers that want all the bells and whistles, go with the Enterprise edition. And finally, if you want to have a complete management system in which you can control all the stores individual features from one interface, automatic billing and have browser based setup of new stores along with a Mall front end, look no further than our top of the line iHTML Merchant Mall edition. This one is built specifically ISP's who want to setup lots and lots of stores and consequently want to make lots of money hosting them.

On top of this, the iHTML Merchant runs on Linux/FreeBSD and Windows NT/2000/XP and supports all major database servers and web servers. This gives you maximum flexibility and portability.

Have a look at all the features of each edition, download a trial version or try out our online demo stores, you will be glad you did. Your long and arduous search may just be over.

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