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You have heard all about the success of other online businesses and feel it's time for you to get a store online as well. You need a solution that you can manage so you don't have to spend money on a web developer to change a price on a product or upload a new product image. The iHTML Merchant may be the solution for you. It provides complete control over all the data in the system from products, categories, pricing, customers and ordering. You can even select from 15 professionally designed templates. If you want to have the store match an existing web site then hire a web developer to make a customer template. It's a lot cheaper than having them build a store from scratch.

There are three editions to choose from and the differences between them are based on the features that each provide. Have a look at the features list and decide which one best suits your needs.

As purchases get made in your store, the system sends you an email with the information on the order and can send an email to a fulfillment house for product delivery. Sales graphs and reports can give you up to the minute details on the orders placed. Send out newsletters to your customers, create affiliate programs, provide member pricing, it's all in the iHTML Merchant. There is no need to download and install other software, everything is managed through a simple web browser from anywhere in the world. Talk about powerful and convenient!

The iHTML Merchant supports a variety of payment processors, has banner ad management, handles shipping and tax calculations along with standard shopping basket capabilities. Have a look at the demo stores to get a feel for the powerful and ease of use of the product.

If you have your own web server then you can purchase the iHTML and iHTML Merchant software from us directly and install it on your machine and open up shop. Learn about all the steps to setting up a store online with this handy white paper on the subject. It's a lot less scary that you think once you know the steps. We hope it helps you understand the process better.

If you currently host your site at an ISP then there are a couple of ways to use our iHTML Merchant software. The easiest is to tell your ISP about it and have them take a look. They may just want to purchase it for all their customers and you won't have to purchase anything from us unless you want to modify the source code. If your ISP isn't interested, you can see if they will install it on the web server if you purchase it. If they don't want to do that then have a look at some hosting providers that already support the iHTML Merchant and use them instead.

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