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Press Releases

Inline/iHTML Autumn Special Pricing
November 04 2003

We are offering special upgrade pricing on a number of our products as a follow on to our previous announcement to discontinue older versions of our products. The upgrade pricing is in effect until November 30th, 2003.

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Inline Discontinues Low End Editions
October 24 2003

In order to streamline our product offering and improve support Inline will be discontinuing the iHTML Basic, Lite and Pro editions effective December 31st, 2003. We will also be discontinuing the iHTML Merchant Pro 2.x edition effective December 31st, 2003.

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Inline offers iHTML Developers Edition for free
June 01 2003

Inline Internet Systems, Inc is pleased to announce a new offering - the Developers Edition of our flagship product iHTML, at no charge. iHTML is a web application server and programming language, which has been deployed at thousands of locations around the world. The product comes in a wide variety of editions, the Developers Edition previously retailed for $ 595US per server.

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iHTML Merchant - Beta Updates
March 28 2003

All Inline customers are notified when new updates to our product suite are made available. The current versions are Pro 2.08.04 Enterprise 2.08.04 2.5 2.51.07 Mall 1.05.01 This fix all known bugs and are currently in final beta testing and should be released before the end of Summer 2003.

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Inline Announces Price Changes
August 01 2001

Inline is making some pricing and product changes effective September 1st, 2001. We are sending you this email to give you advanced notice The reasons for the price changes are to lower the cost at the entry level and have the prices of the higher end products more in line with the functionality they provide. I think you will agree that this makes our product line up stronger and more consistent. All pricing in US Dollars.

New Products

iHTML Single Site
This version of iHTML can be purchased to run on a single site only and has the features of the Enterprise Edition. It is restricted to a specified site (and not subdirectories) given at time of purchase. This lowers the cost of entry to use and get familiar with iHTML. Pricing is $195US per domain

iHTML CGI Version
These versions of iHTML can be loaded on a virtual host so no root access is required. This allows customers without their own servers more flexibility in installing and using iHTML. There is no price difference between this version and the regular API versions. The single domain version will also be available in a CGI version.

This is a cart only ecommerce solution that allows a purchaser to sell a cart solution without having to install any software on the users web site/server. The cart is hosted with the purchaser with a simplified back end manager. This is an entry level product for ecommerce and allows an easy upgrade to the full blown iHTML Merchant online store system. Visit http://www.intelacart.com for more information

Requires the Single Domain iHTML ($195) or iHTML Enterprise API Version.
Base Product $ 300 (includes 5 carts)
10 Pack of Carts $ 300
25 Pack of Carts $ 625
50 Pack of Carts $ 1000
100 Pack of Carts $ 1500
Call for volume discount pricing

Price Changes

iHTML Merchant Single Store Versions (includes iHTML Single Domain Version)

Pro $ 295
Enterprise $ 495
2.5 $ 595
Additional Stores any version $95 each

iHTML Merchant Unlimited Store Versions (includes iHTML)

Pro $ 995
Enterprise $ 1495
2.5 $ 1995

Mall - no price changes
iHTML Basic, Lite, Pro, Enterprise - no price changes

Customers can continue to purchase the current unlimited store versions at current prices until August 31st, 2001.

Special Offer for August 2001

From now until August 31st Inline is offering the following special offer on support contracts. Purchase one of our paid phone support blocks of incidents and Inline will add on a number of free calls to that block.

For example:
- Purchase a Block of 5 Calls and receive an additional 1 as a bonus
- Purchase a Block of 10 Calls and receive an additional 2 as a bonus
- Purchase a Block of 20 Calls and receive an additional 5 as a bonus

Or, purchase our yearly unlimited support package and receive a bonus of 3 extra MONTHS in which to use the unlimited support. 15 months for the price of 12 !!!

If you wish to take advantage of our offer please contact us at: (905) 712-0818 or email sales@inline.net

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Inline Newsletter
July 14 2001

Inline is pleased to announce the general availability of iHTML 2.20 which is significantly faster than previous versions and supports a number of new platform combinations. This also addresses any and all bug issues reported to us. Hotfixes can be downloaded at
http://www.ihtml.com/support/ and full sets at

Inline is also pleased to announce updated versions of all their merchant products including Pro, Enterprise, 2.5 and Mall. Updates to these products are only available to registered users and can be obtained from within the myihtml system at http://www.ihtml.com/myihtml under Personal/ View Products purchased. If you use the iHTML Merchant software, please make sure you read the license agreement carefully.

Inline has also released updated versions of its oPAYc driver API which is used in the iHTML Merchant but can be used with any shopping cart software to add more than 30 new payment processing gateway options. oPAYc is also used by developers in custom solutions using C, VB, Java, iHTML, PHP, Python, Cold Fusion and ASP. More info at http://www.opayc.com

Other News from Inline:

Earn free products and upgrades from Inline by referring new customers to us. Recommend iHTML or the iHTML Merchant to a friend, associate or customer and if they purchase get free products from Inline.

Select from any of:
Free Upgrade from Merchant Enterprise to Merchant 2.5 or
Free Template Package (20 templates) or
Free DB Upsizer
Free Set of 10 Additional oPAYc Drivers

Eligibility for Free Product:
The new customer cannot already be a customer of Inline.
You must notify Inline who you referred to us or have the customer tell us when they purchase.
Minimum Purchase by the new customer is $700US of any of Inline's product or service offerings.
The Free product is sent once the new customer pays for their purchase.

Key Customer Partnerships
Inline has recently signed agreements with a number of new significant partners that strengthens our position in the e-commerce solutions marketplace.
iBILL - standardized on our e-commerce solutions for all
their hosting customers (www.ibill.com)
Trellix - provided them with e-commerce WebGem in their site building software used by Tripod, About.com, iVillage, CNET, Fortune City, ZDNet (www.trellix.com)
Tucows - joint marketing programs to our respective customers
Intel - various programs for their resellers in North America

Inline has a new support policy. This is intended to allow us to provide faster and better support to all our customers. It also outlines what is and is not covered by support. Please review it before contacting Inline for support so you can get help as quickly as possible. http://www.ihtml.com/support/

Inline has a free mailing list and support forum. If you want to keep abreast of all new developments and to discuss with other users, that is the best place to check. You can access both at http://www.ihtml.com/support/

Inline has a number of new products currently in development that are scheduled for release in the next 3 months. The product names are working names and may not be the final release name.

iHTMLAUTH - this is a sophisticated membership content access authentication system that is cross platform.

Webmail - this is a web based email system designed for high volume sites similar to Hotmail.

ATC - this is an Add to Cart merchant product that allows users to simply add buttons to a static web site and use an offsite cart for checkout.

Inline Current Product Line Up
iHTML - web application server and programming language
iHTML Merchant - sophisticated e-commerce storefront solutions
DB Upsizer - utility to upsize an MS Access to MS SQL server database
Hosting - various hosting packages offered mainly on storefronts
Web Development/Merchant Customizations - call us for a quote on any sort of web development or merchant customizations
oPAYc/oSHIPc - payment processor gateway API, usable with any programming language
Training - training on the Inline products iHTML and iHTML
Merchant Phone Support - technical support for our entire product line
TDS Driver - Free Linux ODBC driver to connect to MS SQL server

If you would like more information on the above please feel free to email sales@inline.net or call 905-712-0818 to talk to one of our friendly sales representatives.

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June 18 2001

Stepcast's XML-based wish list infrastructure to be integrated with Inline's iHTML Merchant e-commerce solution

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Inline & iBILL to provide storefront solution to top Internet destination sites
May 09 2001

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Inline Joins the e-Commerce Marketplace for Intel Dealers
February 20 2001

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iBill & Inline Partner to Deliver A One-Stop E-Commerce Solution
December 13 2000

December 13, 2000 (Mississauga, ON)- Addressing the need for simple e-commerce technology and payment processing solutions, Internet Billing Company, Ltd. (iBill), the leading provider of payment processing and business solutions, today announced its partnership with Inline Internet Systems, Inc., a leading developer of e-business software products. The partnership allows iBill to launch its iBill Complete Catalog - a full-featured storefront builder and shopping cart system that enables businesses to begin selling and processing products and services over the Internet at one location.

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Inline's E-commerce Solution for ISP’s
April 10 2000

Inline Internet Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of a new e-commerce solution for ISP’s. The iHTML Merchant Mall is a web based software solution for deploying large numbers of online stores at a reasonable price. It is designed to allow the creation of online shopping portals as well as standalone stores.

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Inline Ties Up With eParcel
February 18 2000

Inline Internet Systems, Inc. today introduces a new Canadian component to their iHTML Merchant e-commerce software. In a new partnership with Canada Post that will tie-in the corporation’s innovative eParcel Shipping Module, Inline hopes to make ventures in e-commerce more attractive to Canadian businesses. The eParcel Shipping Module is designed to give online shoppers complete control over the speed and cost of delivery for the merchandise they have ordered.

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Merchant Partners with PSiGate
February 16 2000

Inline Internet Systems and PSiGate, two Mississsauga-based e-commerce companies, today announced a partnership that will create an ideal Canadian e-commerce solution.

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WorldPay Teams Up with Inline
February 15 2000

WorldPay, the specialist Internet payment processor and e-commerce enabler, today announces it has joined forces with Canadian company, Inline Internet Systems to offer its 3,500 business entrepreneurs an easy to use Internet shopping cart solution using WorldPay’s payment gateway. This joint initiative will offer these businesses the opportunity to commence secure Internet trading in as little as 48 hours.

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Inline Introduces More Payment Processing Than Competitors
February 15 2000

Inline announces support for 21 new payment processing technologies, offering more options than any competitor. Customers will also be pleased as new open-pay drivers enable cross-platform integration.

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iHTML Merchant Partners with ibill
February 15 2000

Inline Internet Systems, Inc. and ibill® (Internet Billing Company, Ltd.) today announced the partnership of the iHTML Merchant 2.04 Edition and the ibill payment processing system. Building on the feature set of the popular iHTML Merchant software, the inclusion of the ibill® processing system will allow Inline’s customers a new, secure, real-time credit-card processing option.

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iHTML Merchant Mall Announced
September 09 1999

Inline Internet Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of a new e-commerce solution for ISP's. The iHTML Merchant Mall is a web based software solution for deploying large numbers of online stores at a reasonable price. It is designed to allow the creation of online shopping portals as well as standalone stores.

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iHTML Merchant 2.0 Enterprise Edition Announced
September 07 1999

Inline Internet Systems, Inc. announces the release of the iHTML Merchant 2.0 Enterprise Edition. This new edition builds on the feature set of the popular iHTML Merchant Pro edition.

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iHTML Merchant 2.0 E-Commerce Software Released
November 06 1998

Inline Internet Systems, Inc. announces the availability of the iHTML Merchant 2.0 software solution for electronic commerce on the Internet. As a web based solution, the iHTML Merchant 2.0 enables business owners, web developers and ISP's to deploy sophisticated online store fronts.

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iHTML Merchant 2.0 Software Announced
September 23 1998

Inline Internet Systems, Inc. announces the iHTML Merchant 2.0 for enabling businesses and web developers to implement powerful online stores. Version 2.0 builds on the success of the iHTML Merchant v 1.0, in use by over 1000 stores around the world.

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The following are reviews and articles that have been done by major magazines on our products. More will be posted here as they get published based on recent press releases and our new versions.

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Quotes From Customers & Users

"Inline Internet System's iHTML Merchant is one of the industry's best-kept secrets. This product is enabling us to rapidly deploy powerful storefronts for our clients and offers flexibility unsurpassed by its more expensive competitors. Combined with Inline's diligent and relentless support, e-commerce developers can take confidence in a well-implemented and well-backed solution that can address virtually any need."

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