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Fort Lauderdale, FLA, February 15, 2000 -- Inline Internet Systems, Inc. and ibill® (Internet Billing Company, Ltd.) today announced the partnership of the iHTML Merchant 2.04 Edition and the ibill payment processing system. Building on the feature set of the popular iHTML Merchant software, the inclusion of the ibill® processing system will allow Inline’s customers a new, secure, real-time credit-card processing option.

This updated edition of Inline’s storefront software provides a diverse range of features including UPS/FedEx™ tie-in, promotional and marketing tools, multiple currency support, custom catalog creation, inventory control, complex tax and exchange rate calculations, affiliate program setup and management. These features are coupled with Inline’s standard high-level store management tools such as browser-based administration, shopping basket, and support for many payment processors, making it a complete and flexible e-commerce solution . Source code is also provided, offering the opportunity for maximum customization by the end-user or web-developer.

ibill’s complete circle of services will help any Merchant website fulfill their e-commerce needs. Their services include Credit Cards, Online Checks, web900, online reporting capabilities, and in-depth statistical reporting available 24/7 through ibill’s CMI (Commerce Maintenance Interface). ibill® allows customers to start taking orders within 48 hours, with no set-up fee, and no software to learn, install, or download, and provides 24/7 client support and 24/7 customer service.

"We’re really happy about this integration with Inline. Together, we can provide one of the best e-commerce solutions around," said John Holt, Director of New Business Development. "There are over 3600 companies currently using the iHTML Merchant to create their online stores, and ibill will help continue Inline’s wide acceptance as a reliable and affordable solution for online commerce," adds Russ Cobbe, president of Inline. The partnership comes as a result of Inline customers requesting support for the ibill payment processing system.

The iHTML Merchant system is available for Microsoft IIS™ (Nasdaq:MSFT), O’Reilly WebSite Pro™, Netscape™, Apache™ and Zeus™ web servers, running on Microsoft NT™, Windows 95/98™, FreeBSD™, BSDi™, Linux™ (Nasdaq:LNUX), SCO™ (Nasdaq:SCOC), HP-UX™ (Nasdaq: HWP), and Solaris™ (Nasdaq:SUNW) platforms. Available in unlimited store versions for $ 1190US per server, the software is ideal for ISPs and Web developers looking to deploy cost effective merchant solutions to a wide range of customers. Additional information is available at http://www.ihtmlmerchant.com

Inline Internet Systems, Inc. is a Mississauga, Ontario-based Internet applications software development company. Since early 1995, Inline has been focusing on the creation of Internet programming languages and e-commerce software. Internet Billing Company Ltd.® Is the worlds largest 3rd party billing company on the net today. Internet Billing Co., Ltd.® (ibill) is a premier worldwide provider of transaction processing and e-commerce services that enable Web merchants to accept and process real-time payments for goods and services purchased over the Internet, and manage back-office functions using ibill’s proprietary Commerce Management Interfaces (CMIs). ibill is one of the fastest-growing providers of electronic commerce services to small- to mid-sized Web-based businesses selling access, content, services and tangible products. The privately held company was founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in October 1996.


Bob Cox, Director of Sales
Internet Billing Co. Ltd.
Tel: 888-237-1764
Fax: 954-724-2801
Email: sales@ibill.com

Russ Cobbe, President
Inline Internet Systems, Inc.
Tel: (905) 712-3841 Fax: (905) 712-2965
Sales: (905) 712-0818
Email: russc@inline.net

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