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Mississauga, ON, February 16, 2000 -- Inline Internet Systems, Inc. and PSiGate today announced the partnership of the iHTML Merchant 2.04 Edition and the PSiGate payment processing system. Building on the feature set of the popular iHTML Merchant software, the inclusion of the PSiGate payment processor will allow Inline customers a new, secure, real-time credit-card processing option.

This updated edition of Inline’s storefront software provides a diverse range of features including a UPS/FedEx™ tie-in, multiple currency support,custom catalog creation, complex tax and exchange rate calculations, and affiliate program setup and management. These features are coupled with Inline’s standard high-level store management tools such as browser-based administration, shopping basket, and support for many payment processors. Source code is also provided, offering the opportunity for maximum customization by the end-user or web-developer.

The partnership comes as a direct result of Inline customers requesting support for the PSiGate payment processor. According to James Mundle, president of PSiGate, "This will prove to be an important relationship for business owners. We’ve just created an affordable e-commerce solution”.

With over 3600 companies currently using the iHTML Merchant to create their online stores, PSiGate will help continue Inline’s wide acceptance as a reliable and affordable solution for online commerce.

The iHTML Merchant system is available for Microsoft IIS™ (Nasdaq:MSFT), O’Reilly WebSite Pro™, Netscape™, Apache™ and Zeus™ web servers, running on Microsoft NT™, Windows 95/98™, FreeBSD™, BSDi™, Linux™ (Nasdaq:LNUX), SCO™ (Nasdaq:SCOC), HP-UX™ (Nasdaq: HWP), and Solaris™ (Nasdaq:SUNW) platforms. Available in unlimited store versions for $ 1190US per server, the software is ideal for ISPs and Web developers looking to deploy cost effective merchant solutions to a wide range of customers. Additional information is available at http://www.ihtmlmerchant.com

About Inline - Inline Internet Systems, Inc. is a Mississauga, Ontario-based Internet applications software development company. Since early 1995, Inline has been focusing on the creation of Internet programming languages and e-commerce software.

About PSiGate - PSiGate is a Mississauga, (Toronto) Ontario-based company that specializes in the integration and deployment of Internet-based, e-commerce Payment Services ("PS") solutions that enable the automated, secure exchange and transmission of electronic data for the purpose of fulfilling orders and payments and obtaining credit card or cyber wallet payment authorizations. Payment Services is a market segment of the e-commerce market and is estimated at in excess of US $12 billion for 1999. PSiGate has developed a strong competence in the integration and deployment of advanced PS e-commerce solutions and will target small-to-medium sized businesses that wish to deploy an Internet-based Storefront. PSiGate communicates directly with major Canadian and U.S. credit card processors.

Contacts: Russ Cobbe, President Inline Internet Systems, Inc.
Tel: (905) 712-3841
Fax: (905) 712-2965 Sales: (905) 712-0818
Email: russc@inline.net

Peter Starr, VP Marketing PSiGate
Tel: (905) 567-4000
Fax: (905)567-4001
Sales: 877-374-9444
Email: peter.starr@psigate.com

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