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With the addition of 21 new transaction processing options for their customers, Inline Internet Systems, Inc. now offers more payment processors than any of their competitors. The new processors are fully integrated and provide secure online transaction services for Inline’s storefront software, iHTML Merchant. Using unique ‘Open-Pay’ drivers created by Inline, this new architecture is able to communicate with existing ODBC technology to enable cross-platform integration for all platforms currently supported by the iHTML Merchant. "This new technology allows merchants running our software on one platform, to use a payment processing service currently supported on a different platform", says Russ Cobbe, President of Inline. He continues, "This gives iHTML Merchant users maximum flexibility in choosing secure payment options."

The integration comes out of Inline’s support service, which lets users request integration to a specific payment processing service for their online store. As a result of this research, Inline has integrated with the following companies and popular processors:
ClickPay, WorldPay, PSiGate, Echo [Nasdaq: ECHO], En-Cynk Services (OnNetCredit.net), LinkPoint API Payment Gateway (Cardservice International), ClearCommerce (ClearLink), Combill (WorldSite, NetCard), VERiFY ONLiNE, CreditNet.com, (Credit Card Network), CyberSource v2.01 (GeoPay, ICS, SCMP) [Nasdaq:CYBS], Virtual Terminal v4.2 (Total Merchant Services, tms2.com), DCTI v2.5 (Digital Courier)[Nasdaq: DCTI], ibill (Internet Billing Co.), WEBSHOP (Egnatia Bank), BCE Emergis (AssurePay, SNS/ASSURE Corp.) [Toronto: IFM.TO], Signio Payflow Pro (Verisign, Payment Net), SurePay, TeleCheck, and Pure Payments (First Data Services) [NYSE: FDC], and The Processing Network (TPN, Processing.net).

These payment processing services are available along with the Merchant’s existing set, which is comprised of Internet Secure, CyberCash 3.x MCK (Nasdaq:CYCH), PC Authorize, TouchNet, ICVERIFY, Authorize.Net 3.0, and iTransact. "With such a varied customer base, we want to provide our clients with many choices for their transaction processing gateway, as each processing company can differ in the support and services they offer to merchants," explains Cobbe.

The iHTML Merchant system is available for Microsoft IIS (Nasdaq:MSFT), O’Reilly WebSite Pro, Netscape, Apache and Zeus web servers, running on Microsoft NT, Windows 95/98, FreeBSD, BSDi, Linux (Nasdaq:LNUX), SCO (Nasdaq:SCOC), HP-UX (Nasdaq: HWP), and Solaris (Nasdaq:SUNW) platforms. The software is available in unlimited store versions for $ 1190US per server. There are currently over 3600 online stores using the iHTML Merchant. Additional information is available at http://www.ihtmlmerchant.com

Inline Internet Systems, Inc. is a Mississauga, Ontario-based Internet applications software development company. Inline focuses on the creation of Internet programming languages and e-commerce software.

Russ Cobbe, President
Inline Internet Systems, Inc.
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