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Mississauga ON - June 12th, 2003

Inline Internet Systems, Inc is pleased to announce a new offering - the Developers Edition of our flagship product iHTML, at no charge. iHTML is a web application server and programming language, which has been deployed at thousands of locations around the world. The product comes in a wide variety of editions, the Developers Edition previously retailed for $ 595US per server.

"The reason we are making this change to the product line up, is to increase the market awareness for iHTML" explained Russ Cobbe, Inline's President. Russ continued, "What we are doing is making a commercial scripting language available to the web developer market, in order to help spur on new advancements in the field". iHTML has been available since 1996 and competes against other commercial products such as Cold Fusion and ASP, as well as open source products e.g. Perl, Python and PHP. iHTML runs on Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows platforms, with support for Apple Mac OS X coming in the near future. Cobbe adds, "We have always been very strong with our products, from a technical standpoint and we are now once again growing and gaining market awareness. We are engaging in an effort to continually expand our customer base and this is one of the many strategies to be implemented over the course of the coming year."

The iHTML Developers Edition can be downloaded from the iHTML web site at http://www.ihtml.com, along with demo versions of other editions.

About Inline Internet Systems, Inc.

Inline Internet Systems, Inc. has been a technically savvy, Mississauga, Ontario Canada based company, since early 1995. Inline offers a suite of e-business products, including the iHTML web application server, the iHTML Merchant storefront software, the InTelaCart shopping cart, the Zazooz store search engine and oPAYc payment gateway interfaces.

Russ Cobbe, President
405 Britannia Rd E Ste 212
Mississauga ON L4Z 3E2
T: 905-712-0818


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