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There are 4 different editions of the iHTML Merchant which range from simple to more complex as user needs increase. Any edition can be upgraded to a higher level edition with just the difference in price so you are never locked in to a specific feature set. Therefore, you can feel comfortable starting with a lower investment and moving up as needs demand. All editions of the iHTML Merchant require the iHTML application server to be installed on the web server. See for more information on iHTML. The iHTML Merchant runs on Windows (95, 98, 2000, NT, XP) and UNIX (FreeBSD & Linux) platforms on Apache, O'Reilly, Netscape, Zeus and Microsoft web servers. MS Access is the default database engine for Windows and Postgres for UNIX, however, any ODBC-compliant database software can be used such as Postgres, mySQL, Oracle, MS SQL or Sybase.

Merchant Mall Edition

The iHTML Merchant Mall is specifically designed for Internet Service Providers and Application Service Providers that are implementing a large number of stores. With a powerful web-based store management area, you can add a new store in seconds. A new hosting customer can even create and setup her own storefront on her own. The Mall allows for an unlimited number of stores to be setup on a single server. The individual stores in the Mall have the same feature set as the iHTML Merchant 2.0 Enterprise edition. Stores can become part of a portal-like store directory, or can be independent with their own domain name. When creating a new store, a mall manager can set up billing options and define the feature set that will be available to the store owner. Preset billing plans can also be created to provide for even faster creation of stores. Stores can be automatically billed their hosting fees, thus automating much of your client management process.

The Mall edition can also be used by manufacturers to provide pre-populated stores for their resellers, by companies that want to provide a portal for buyers and sellers in a particular industry to gather and place orders plus many more applications that are outside of how you might think of a shopping mall.

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Merchant Version 2.5

iHTML Merchant version 2.5 is our most powerful single-store solution. We have made extensive additions in every department to make a product that truly stands in a class of it's own. New features include major useability enhancements, configurable product entry (computers, pizza, etc), built in tracking for major shipping carriers, content-based web page creation, order refunds, and much more!

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Merchant Version 2 Enterprise

For the truly sophisticated store, the iHTML Merchant Enterprise is the ideal solution. Building on the feature set available in the Pro edition, many new enhancements have been added. These include affiliate program support, UPS/FedEx tie-in, store Promotional tools, custom catalogs, improved administration screens, more reports, multiple currency support, and hundreds of other features. You really have to have a look at the administration screens to get a feel for the power of this edition.

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Merchant Version 2  Professional

The iHTML Merchant Pro builds on the success of the first version. Basically we took all the feedback from users and built it into the product. It is an affordable, fully customizable system for creating web storefronts and much more advanced that the first version. Ideal for small and medium sized businesses, it is both powerful and easy to use. ISPs will appreciate the browser-based administration which allows customers to handle their own configuration and changes. Featuring complete banner ad management, several different payment processing options, professional templates and the ability to handle complex shipping and tax calculations, this system is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get high-end stores online.

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Merchant Version 1

This is the first version of the iHTML Merchant and it is still supported. Users of this package like it for it's simplicity and completeness for conducting business online. It is free in both iHTML Pro and iHTML Enterprise and like all the other versions, comes complete with the source code. It includes all the basic features of an online store including shopping basket, product database, administration screens, shipping/tax calculations and payment processor tie in.

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