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Merchant Support Most Common Sales Questions

There are a number of common things people like to know about our iHTML Merchant product. We have compiled those answers in this document. If there are questions you have not listed here, please send an email to sales@inline.net for an answer.

  1. Do I need iHTML to use the Merchant?
  2. What if my ISP doesn't have iHTML how do I install it?
  3. Does the iHTML Merchant handle long byte characters such as Chinese and Japanese?
  4. Which payment processors are supported by the iHTML Merchant?
  5. I use a payment processor you don't support, what do I do?
  6. If I am using CyberCash what do I need from them?
  7. Which payment processor should I use or what does Inline recommend?
  8. What else do I need to run the iHTML Merchant software?
  9. Which edition should I use?
  10. The pricing is a lot better than most other products I have looked at, why is that?
  11. How long has Inline and the iHTML merchant been around?
  12. What if there is a feature I need in the iHTML Merchant but it doesn't do that?
  13. What companies use the merchant that I would know?
  14. I am a small business and just need to get a store online what do I do?
  15. Are there other iHTML Merchant users I can talk to?
  16. I don't understand how the pricing and licensing works
  17. How many stores can I get on one server with one license?
  18. Can I put the iHTML merchant on different hosts on the same machine?
  19. Which platforms are supported?
  20. Can I upgrade a store from a previous version or edition?
  21. My ISP provides the iHTML Merchant to me but I want to modify the source code
  22. What else can I use iHTML for besides the merchant?
  23. How many products can the iHTML Merchant handle?
  24. Which database should I use with the iHTML Merchant?
  25. What software do I need on my local PC to manage and setup my store? What about visitors to my store?
  26. What about security?
  27. Does the iHTML merchant software only maintain state using cookies?
  28. I have the NT version of the iHTML Mercant, I want to switch to UNIX now.
  29. I have O'Reilly Website that comes with iHTML Pro 2.x and the iHTML Merchant 1.x, I want to use another web server now, what do I do?

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