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Merchant Support Most Common Technical Questions

There are a number of common things people like to know from a technical standpoint about our iHTML Merchant product. We have compiled those answers in this document. If there are questions you have not listed here, please send an email to support@inline.net for an answer.

  1. I have no menu in the admin screens or I just upgraded and lost my company info in the General Settings page.
  2. I installed the Enterprise merchant but I get 140 errors?
  3. How do I login to a new Enterprise store I just installed?
  4. I am getting syntax errors in my store
  5. I get a message that says my basket is empty when I try to add something to it.
  6. I get a 404 error when trying to checkout
  7. I get a message that the transaction failed when paying for an order
  8. I get colon variables in various places such as the title on my store, how do I fix that?

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