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Merchant Support Free Support Offerings

Inline offers a variety of free support offerings and in most cases this is all you will need to use. These include a mailing list, a support forum and free installation support. The mailing list and forum are very active and provide a good sense of our user community.

Free Installation Support

Inline provides free technical support to get you up and running with iHTML and the Merchant. Phone Inline at 905.680.0436 for assistance or email us at support@inline.net. Make sure that you have the following information at the time of your call:

  • version of iHTML (found in the ihtml.log file)
  • Operating System and version
  • Web Server and version
  • URL or IP address of your site
  • Any passwords to administration screens (specifically for the iHTML Merchant)

We may require FTP and/or PC Anywhere and/or Telnet and/or VNC access to your machine to look at and solve unusual problems. We do NOT provide free support for ODBC and the correct installation of that component. iHTML does require that ODBC be installed on the machine. Technical issues with ODBC should be directed to the provider of the ODBC driver manager or driver. Inline does provide a detailed document on how to set this up under ODBC FAQ. Or use our web based Support Request form to send us the above information.

Free Support Forum

Inline provides a web based support forum to discuss iHTML issues, tips and tricks for our users. This is monitored by Inline staff and is a great community of iHTML users. This is an excellent resource to find other users, get code snippets or find sites that use iHTML. We highly recommend that you visit the support forum at http://support.inline.net:8080/~ihtml This is an excellent method of getting free technical support from Inline and our users.

iHTML and Merchant Mailing List

Inline also has a very active mailing list. This list is used to discuss iHTML issues, programming questions, find iHTML users, hosting providers, developers or just general questions. Subscribing to this list will allow you to see first hand the excellent iHTML user community. This list also discusses issues specifically related to web and database integration. It is a free resource and monitored by Inline staff so that all questions get answered. This is an excellent method of getting free technical support from Inline and our users.

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