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Merchant Support

Common Merchant Support Issues:

  1. Before doing any merchant support ensure they are running the latest version of the code.
  2. If not latest version make sure they have done the appropriate updates and run the update scripts.
  3. :todaydate not defined (check that DBMODE is defined) or if defined wrong make sure DBMODE is correct or a date function is not hard coded (now() or getdate())
  4. 570 errors, check to see which variable is NULL, might be bad data in their db
  5. 760 errors, check which variable is not defined, might be due to an error happening early on, check tagerror.log or error.log. Check globals.inc to make sure no colon variables in that file.
  6. 350 errors, check what the problem with the query actually is Too Few Parameters, run testfields.ihtml from the admin
  7. Any sort of template issues, run deletefiles.ihtml from the admin
  8. A single square in the top left corner of the screen or the menu missing from the admin, run resetinc.ihtml and ensure running 2.16 or above of iHTML
  9. Basket Empty message, check that cookie path and site URL. May have to delete cookies file on browser to fix since might have bad data
  10. Errors that don't seem to show, check the tagerror.log or error.log file to see the exact details of the error
  11. 19xx errors, mail server not setup or email address not valid somewhere
  12. Use the diagnostic.ihtml file from the admin to find out the settings for a store
  13. Check the bug report document to see if a problem has already been reported and if fixed or not. Send the client fixed files if fixed.
  14. Mall must be running under iHTML 2.18beta4 or above

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