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Merchant Support Paid Support Offerings

Inline provides a number of paid support options. Telephone, training and end-user support offerings are available.

Paid Technical Support

Inline offers a variety of paid technical support programs that are detailed below. Paid technical support entails items such as the following

  • how to do something in iHTML (general questions are fine but should be directed to the support forum and mailing list)
  • any sort of programming with iHTML, this includes checking of syntax (programming assistance is available at $75US per hour)
  • the system was working and is now not working (unless it is an expired or invalid key/serial number)
  • ODBC setup and installation (information is available at http://www.freeodbc.org)

Free technical support entails items such as the following

  • installation of iHTML and the iHTML Merchant to the point of it running
  • functionality questions, such as whether iHTML can do a particular task
  • anything asked on the mailing list or support forum
  • beta testers are not charged for support
  • bug reports which can be sent to bugreport@inline.net

iHTML Merchant End User Support

Inline can provide end user (store owner) support to ISP's and web developers. This is priced on a per store per year basis with a minimum 1 year contract. An ISP must subscribe all merchant customers to this program if any are to be subscribed. In other words, if an ISP has 100 iHTML Merchant customers and would like Inline to provide support, they must purchase support for all 100 customers. Any end user customer contacting Inline will be redirected to their ISP and the ISP sent information on this support program. Inline does not provide end user merchant support outside of this program. Pricing is $85US per store per year or $120Cdn per store per year.

Phone Support

Inline offers a number of technical phone support programs. We have a per incident program (PIP) which can be purchased as needed for $75US each with either MasterCard or VISA. Support is provided until the incident is resolved. If the issue is programming related, then a $75US per hour charge is applicable. Please have your credit card ready when you call. Save money by purchasing a block of support incidents. You can purchase 5, 10 or 20 block packages for $325US, $600US and $ 1000US. These plans can be purchased by calling Inline at 905.680.0436 or purchasing online at http://www.ihtml.com/order

Annual Phone Support

This provides unlimited phone and email support for one year for up to two specified contact people. Annual unlimited support programs can be purchased for $ 1495US by calling Inline at 905.680.0436 or purchasing online at http://www.ihtml.com/order Custom support programs can also be tailored for your needs.

iHTML and Merchant Training

Inline also offers a 3 day intensive course on programming with iHTML. Courses run on a monthly basis at our Mississauga Ontario offices for $ 495US payable before the course starts. However, we do take the show on the road so email us for information on training in major US cities. Call Inline at 905.680.0436 to book a training course or place an order online. More information Discounts are available for multiple attendees. If you are interested in training at your location then please email us at sales@inline.net for details.

Note: All prices on this page in US dollars unless otherwise stated.

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